Family history

Our adoption of organic agriculture and the organic wines we produce today go back a long way.

Once upon a time ...

Marius Genton, Domaine GiachinoFor many centuries, Frédéric et David’s family were agriculturalists in the rich Grésivaudan plain, producing cereals, nuts and fruits. They also had vineyards on the slopes of Mount Granier.

In 1988, Frédéric took over the 1.5 hectares of vines that had been maintained by his grandfather, Marius Genton. Since then, the area has been entirely dedicated to grape production.

Drawing on the wealth of existing Savoyard varieties, our vineyards have been gradually enriched by new varieties of grape. Situated in Chapareillan between the Chaîne de Belledonne and Mount Granier in the heart of the Chartreuse regional park, our estate covers 9 hectares in which we cultivate the Mondeuse, Gamay, Persan, Roussette and Jacquère grapes, of which Jacquère, the region’s most typical wine, accounts for 6 hectares.

Today’s cultivation methods

Travail manuel à la pioche, Domaine GiachinoAlthough when he took over the estate he started out using conventional methods, Frédéric gradually began to adopt more rational form of agriculture, which involved reworking the soil and grassing over the verges between the vines. The reintroduction of natural predators in order to limit the use of chemical pesticides enabled him, in 2006, to move definitively to organic agriculture. The use herbicides, pesticides and other synthetic agro-chemicals disappeared completely. This step marked our return to the origins of agriculture, in which our efforts are always focused on making our wines more authentic.

After having worked in the wine sector for many years, Frédéric’s brother David returned to the Giachino estate when we began to embark on organic agriculture.

Notre démarche en agriculture biologique, nos vins bios d'aujourd'hui sont l'aboutissement d'une histoire.