Going organic

Vigne enherbée, Domaine GiachinoOur grapes are organically produced in strict compliance with European regulation CE/834/2007, and we have been awarded the AB label (Organic Agriculture) by the independent oversight body, Ecocert. For many years the European regulation did not apply to wine-making, which is why we also chose to join Nature & Progrès (Nature and Progress): in keeping with its specifications we committed ourselves to adopting organic methods, reducing and in some cases eliminating all additives and sulphites from the wine-making process.

Our organic wines are based on respect for humanity and the environment, characterised by the use of natural products such as nettle manure and plant-based decoctions and tisanes, which are non-toxic (unlike copper and sulphur). Basically, we made a deliberate choice to return to the way our grandparents farmed, before the advent of agro-chemicals … but all the same it was a huge step to take in our way of working!

‘Organic’ systems rule out the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides and other synthetic chemical products.  Organic farming favours the use of natural fertilisers and grassing the areas between the vines to prevent soil erosion. It allows the use of natural methods to tackle diseases and other problems to which vines are susceptible (e.g. red spider mites, mildew, blight and black rot). All this implies taking care of the soil by placing the emphasis on protecting its bio-equilibrium and preserving biodiversity.

We are also members of the federation of associations of organic producers and consumers, Nature & Progrès (Nature and Progress), whose charter is not limited only to the technical aspects of organic agriculture, but also embraces a vision of society at large. ‘In the context of its global commitment to sustainable agriculture, Nature & Progrès is concerned not only with the technical aspects but … also takes into account the environmental, social and economic implications. The backdrop to this charter is the vision of a society based on relationships of conviviality and deep links between human beings and their environment: a society based on humanist, ecological and alternative values’ (Source: http://www.natureetprogres.org/nature_et_progres/natureetprogres.html/)