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189 Chemin des Côtes, route de La Palud, 38530 Chapareillan



The Giachino estate maintains its vineyards and produces wines based on organic methods. Wine producers for over 20 years, our vineyards are based in the Chartreuse regional park in the department of Savoie. Our estate comprises various small, organically farmed vineyards on the slopes of Mount Granier, encompassing the communes of Chapareillan, les Marches and Aprement.

Respect for nature and the environment has always been close to our hearts.  Our organic wines are produced in full compliance with the AB (Organic Agriculture) and Nature & Progrès (Nature and Progress) labels.


Our complete conversion to organic farming in 2006 was the outcome of a long process. Moving away from conventional wine-producing methods meant making fundamental changes to our ways of working. It also opened up a new relationship with the vines, for example in handling the vagaries of the weather and the seasons. But these are the values to which we are committed and which we also hope to transmit to our children.

Becoming more deeply involved with our land and our vines brings out our region’s true flavours. What makes our wines special is our preference for cultivating grapes that are unique to the Savoie. So we give them an added ‘happiness’ factor – after all, wine is first and foremost something to be enjoyed.

We trust you will enjoy visiting our website and that you will share our pleasure in producing simple and unpretentious wines. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more!

Frédéric et David Giachino