Roussette de Savoie


Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) – legal guarantee of source and production methods
Grape: Altesse
Ageing process: Aged on the lees
Region: The sunny banks of the glacial moraines.
Flavour: Floral notes rich with the aromas of quince, pineapple and almond. The hint of buttered pears and citrus fragrances give it an opulent flavour, leaving a fresh and exotic aftertaste.
Food–wine pairing: Goes well with fish as well as with cakes and desserts. Recipe suggestion: Langoustine and coconut with cardamom.
Conservation: 5–10 years

Altesse 2008, wine-tasting report
‘Fermented with natural yeast and aged on the lees, this jacquère has a real presence. Nose is a bouquet of grapefruit and lemons. Taste gives a touch of liveliness, balanced between its citrus notes and a pleasing minerality’ (Guide Hachette des vins 2010).

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