Grape: Jacquère
Harvesting: Picked by hand early in the season.
Vinification method: Settled cold setting, malolactic fermentation by natural yeasts in the vats with no additives.
Ageing process: Three months on the lees
Flavour: Crisp and authentic, its juicy flavour is almost like biting into the grape, and its alcohol content is naturally 9°.
Food–wine pairing: Marking a return to how Savoyard wines tasted before modern methods were introduced, it goes with any food depending on how you feel.
Conservation: Anything from 1 to 100 years, as you wish

Eric Bernandin’s opinion
‘We accompanied our meal with a true Savoyard wine, a 2006 Primitif from the Giachino estate. (…) With a natural alcohol level of only 9.2%, its unusual lightness means it can be drunk on its own. It has a clear colour rather like the local rock. The nose has slightly floral notes with a lemon zest. It tastes fresh, light, crystalline, with a slightly sharper aftertaste. Since the alcohol level is barely noticeable, it is tempting to quaff this wine as if it were water – although it is obviously far better. In other words, be sensible, especially if you are planning to drive’.
You can find a recipe to go with this wine on Eric Bernandin’s blog ‘Drinking and Eating’: Tourte aux champignons, jambon et reblochon.


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